Sunday, March 4, 2012

[Schoolbox] Bottom and Molding

With the glue dry, it was simple enough to trim the pins and tails flush with the carcase. It was tempting to smooth the entire outside at this point but as there is some assembly left to do, I know it will be wasted effort. Here's the shell more or less complete, minus final smoothing:

Not shown is the planing, jointing, and glueing up of the planel for the bottom. I had almost forgotten about that, since I was thinking about getting the molding put on. The bottom goes on first though, so that will be next time. While the glue was setting, I did get started on the molding. I've learned its much simpler to plane molding while the board is as wide as possible, so here it is in progress:

And here it is about done. It is just a simple 45-degree chamfer, but I think its simpleness complements the basic nature of the box as a whole. I might made one with a slightly more complex molding profile later on:

The board was then marked for a 1 1/2" tall strip of molding:

Which was then ripped off and planed to the line:

It was a challenge to cut the miters, but it seems like it will go together ok:

Next time, the bottom will be put on, the molding attached, and perhaps starting on the interior partition.

I am puzzled by one thing, but perhaps it will become clear in time. I would rather do the partition first, as the operations on the inside of the box will be awkward with the molding attached. I can easily use another piece of the molding stock to level it, but I really wonder why Thomas (and then Chris) did the molding first.


  1. Thanks for checking it out, Badger! I have high hopes for the 2nd one, this one was a real learning experience!


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