Friday, March 23, 2012

[Schoolbox] Unscrewed

"Hardware not included"

Its difficult to imagine how to word this phrase more clearly, and yet I still overlooked it when obtaining the strap hinges for the school box. I had bought (different) hinges from the same vendor before, and screws were included. I suppose this is a partial explanation. Nonetheless, I lack appropriate hardware for these hinges, and so progress was slight. I have some steel screws soaking in vinegar to see if an antique-enough finish can be obtained; results are looking promising. I was able to mark and mortise the hinge locations, and bend them into shape. Once the screws are properly aged, the box can finally go together and have the molding applied to the lid.

Hinges were placed by finding the center of the box with dividers, and then halving those halves. You can see the dot left by the dividers above. The hinge itself was then used to mark the width of the mortise. Once again, no rulers. By Hand and By Eye rules!

With the mortise let into the top edge of the box, a temporary screw holds it in place, and the hinge is marked for bending.

The hinge is held in a metal vise and tapped with a hammer until the required 90-degree bend is obtained.

This was sadly where work had to stop for the day, both because of the lack of appropriate screws and also because of some freakish spring weather which has directly affected our spring-fed water supply. Its beautiful out there, but the weight of wind and snow upon the forest trees has left our forest home looking like a battle zone. More soon!

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