Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Plain Place for Planes

When oh when will the actual construction of The Joiner and Cabinet Maker's projects begin?  Short answer: tomorrow.  Longer answer: I've been waiting for many tools and materials, as well as finishing the space.  It is still not finished.  It may never be finished.  However, I have the core tools assembled, and as of today, I have lumber and nails enough to build the packing boxes.  I've practiced clinching the nails (more on that soon) and so should be able to take some time to formally start on the boxes tomorrow.

A traditional project can't just use any nails from the hardware store, and so I got ahold of some of these:

In the meantime, I am chomping at the bit to make a toolchest, but that will not happen until these projects are complete.  It was driving me crazy not to have a place to keep the planes, so I whipped together a till.  Its no work of art, and its a little depressing that it is made of plywood, but it is more important to me to use up shop scraps than it is to maintain some artificial sense of appropriateness for a temporary fixture.  My goal is to have the planes living in a chest within several months, at which point this till will somehow move into the main area of the garage to store something else.  It might look a bit spartan for a typical tool-collector, but I am aiming to abide by keeping only 3 bench planes: a jack, a jointer, and a smoother (not in hand yet).  You can already see here a small and large router plane, a plow, and a skew rabbet, and a shoulder plane along with a handful of wooden rabbet, dado, and moulding planes.  I'm aiming to keep that collection small as well.  No complaints from me, though, if anyone has a half-set of hollows and rounds they no longer need.

Here's the till in its current home, hung on a french cleat:

and a little more detail visible:

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