Monday, September 19, 2011

Enhancing the sawbenches

Did some quick enhancements to the sawbenches over the weekend.  Namely, added 2 dogholes to each in case I want to use holdfasts to secure work to them.  They are just thick enough (1 3/4") to provide enough friction for great clamping action.  I also used the router plane to etch a shallow mortise for a dowel plate.  This was great fun, its a fantastic tool.  The slightly too-wide edges of the mortise visible in the photo are the result of my sloppy chisel work, no fault of the router plane.  The router plane, while a bit laborious, worked perfectly and left a needlessly ready-for-finish smooth floor on the mortise.  I carefully outlined the plate using a marking knife, but the very wide chisel I was using is also a bit thick, and had a tendency to wedge itself over the knife line when struck.  This is one of those things I knew would happen, and tried to compensate for it, but did not compensate enough.  This is how I learn!  Better on a sawbench than on a piece of fine work...


  1. I added dog holes to my sawbench and it's come in handy a few times already.

  2. Oh, I like it. Like it, like it. I'll be adding that.


  3. I like that idea of combining the dowel plate in the saw bench. I'll have to borrow that one.


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