Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Apprentice's First Tool

In the Joiner and Cabinet Maker, our hero Thomas eventually starts earning a little money from his efforts:

...He feels quite a rich man. "Oh, what a many nice little presents I can make to my brothers and sisters; and then, I can now begin at once to buy tools for myself, and hope to have a pretty good set when I am out of my time."  His first purchase is a two-foot ruler for his pocket, for which he has long been saving up such little money as he could get..."

- The Joiner and Cabinet Maker, p. 104

And so I have also set out to secure a two-foot ruler for myself.  With the help of the superbly friendly Joshua Clark, I have found my rule.  The edges are bound in brass to keep it straight, the alignment pins are all present, and the lines are still crisp and clear.  Its an ingenious design, strangely compelling to open and close.  They sure do not make them like they used to.

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