Friday, July 15, 2011

What is this?

"Penn" brand small saw... the teeth are not super-aggressive but I am wondering if this is more of a green wood pruning saw than it is a woodworking tool.


  1. If the saw plate is fairly stiff, I think this is a "nail saw" meant for carpenters to use for cutting through nails. I have one almost identical, but the teeth are very fine like a hack saw.

  2. The handle profile is very similar to that commonly used on a compass saw. It is hard to tell from the photo if that is the original "toe" of the blade. Compass saws went right down to less than 1/2 inch wide at the toe, but it was not unusual to find one which has snaped off during it's life. The owner may have reshaped it after a break.
    Alternatively, it is possibly the less common Table Saw, so named as it was made for cutting curves on table tops. The narrow blades on compass saws and table saws enabled them to cut around curves. If it was a pruning saw, it would have much courser teeth I and probably of a different profile. As a tabel saw or compass saw, it is worth sharpenning and using. Very handy, and a valuable addition to your tool box!
    Hope that helps,

  3. Thank you both for the info. Greg, the toe does not look to have been cut. I will attempt sharpening it someday, and see if it does perform ok as a "table saw". The teeth are not at all fine like a hacksaw, so I am guessing it is not a "nail saw".



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