Friday, July 15, 2011

The Stopgap Bench

I am planning to build a workbench based on Chris Schwarz's Roubo plans. It would be convenient to have a workbench in order to build it, and so I have slightly improved my existing built-in bench. Its much too tall for me - I might build a platform to stand on, but it is extremely sturdy (3" thick Douglas fir) and flat. It is not, however, smooth. Its made of boards which are not only chamfered, but they have a bit of a gap between them as well. I added a layer of 3/4" maple ply to the top to address that, and added a skirt of fir 2x6, which is tall enough to allow a row of dogholes along the front (and through a backer glued to the board) for a holdfast. I will also add a crochet. Dogholes will be added to the top, but I am also not afraid to screw down some battens as planing stops anywhere I need. I doubt I will add a vise although a wonderdog would be most welcome. I will likely also add a deadman or jack of some sort to help support work along the front face of the bench.

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