Thursday, July 14, 2011

The new shop: before

I should taken better "before" pics, since I am pretty excited to show the "after" once its complete. These will have to suffice to illustrate the dismal condition of the space before work began in earnest. It bears mention that this is actually AFTER an initial cleaning. The place had never been finished to begin with, and an odd assortment of people had been living in it for years until we moved in. Lots of rodent nests, empty food wrappers, cigarettes, you get the idea. The current state is that it is mostly drywalled and primed, the plumbing has been ripped out and replaced with Pex, the unpleasant kitchen counter is gone, and the woodstove has been sanded, cleaned, and painted. Soon the drywall will be complete, a floor will go in, and paint and trim can commence. Then... woodworking!

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