Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What classes would you enjoy?

Life has been keeping me out of the shop recently but not my mind. In fact, I've been talking about woodoworking despite not doing a bunch of it. It is likely clear from some of my posts here that teaching, learning, and preserving woodcraft tradition is as important to me as actually doing it or creating the artifacts themselves. To that end, I was discussing curriculum with the folks at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking. We were wondering together what subjects are hard to find instruction in, and would be worth travel. I would love to hear the thoughts any of you have, especially beginners or those who had not otherwise considered taking courses. I have my own ideas, but with more input perhaps the likelihood of these seeds taking root increases.

As far as my tool chest project goes, I've mostly been stymied but the failure of my Veritas Plow Plane. Lee Valley did send me a new depth stop but I have yet to have a chance to complete the lid. Hopefully soon!

In the meantime, I did a tiny bit of work, creating a headstock for a friend who is building a guitar from a kit but lacked the tools to shape it. He enjoys over-the-top rock style but also wanted an all-purpose guitar so I wanted to give it a hint of personality but still remain civil. I just drew a few curves with a compass and french curve and let the rasps do the rest:

More on the tool chest soon!

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  1. Chair making is a part of the craft that intimidates a lot of woodworkers. I myself probably wouldn't tackle a complex chair without a class first. I would think a lot of folks might travel to learn how to build a Windsor chair.

    Some classes simply build skills through exercises, while others focus on building something. I think a lot of people like to have something to bring home with them, although if it's too big a piece travel can be complicated.

    Sometimes, though, it's as simple as the reputation of the teacher. At this point I think Chris Schwarz could do a class building birdhouses and it would instantly sell out.



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