Monday, July 30, 2012

Tool Chest Completed and Another School Box Begins

I could (and probably will) continue to tweak the tool chest forever. With a bit of black milk paint on the faces of the tills, and the whole thing oiled a few times, I am calling it complete. The joinery saws do need some sort of additional cleats but otherwise it is entirely functional. I am impressed with the overall design and ergonomics; I believe it is much more than adequately robust and is very comfortable to use. It is certainly heavy. It was really a perfect learning experience and I almost want to make another just to implement what lessons were harvested from the copious mistakes made while building this one.

With that project, at least nominally, out of the way, I was able to prepare some panels for the next school box, and join the corners. My dovetailing is certainly getting faster. A tiny bit more accurate, too. I don't have any more fir thin enough for the bottom of this one, so have to think about how I will approach that.

Last but not least, since summer has been blazing here on the NorthWest Coast, reaching well into the low 80s, I have landed a long-overdue fan. This thing looks cute but has some serious torque and really moves the air. I will likely use it more for ventilation while finishing than to actually keep cool, but I do think it is a powered appliance that most hand-tool shops should consider, if any.


  1. I'm sure the "blazing into the low 80's" was a jibe. It has been up around 108 here in Kansas.

  2. Yep, I know it has been truly hot nationwide. Meanwhile, we're still waiting for summer to start here.

  3. Nicely done. A beautiful piece of work that you should be very proud of.

  4. Thanks for looking, Ches. It was a lot of fun to build. I am itching to build another one!

  5. Have you thought about building the mid-sized version that CS drew up plans for? I'm considering that as either an overflow chest for additional tools, or as a traveling version when I go to classes.


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