Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thanks Lee Valley!

Yesterday I had the misfortune of a Veritas Small Plow Plane's depth-stop adjustment knob snapping on me. I was pretty keen to mill the grooves into my tool chest's lid, but no go. Being human, I will confess that I saw some reddish tones and wondered how I would possibly get this thing repaired anytime soon. I started to wonder if I should go ahead and mill them without the depth stop, trusting my adjustable square. I decided to just carry on with the tenons (not complete) and ignore the grooves for now. The silver lining is that the good people of Lee Valley respoded first thing this morning that they have sent out a new bolt, and I should have it soon. Chalk one up for reasonable companies!

I have not been documenting well, but the chest does continue. It is mostly complete, except for the lid and the interior tills. The base skirt and top "dust seal" are all in place. The mortises for the lid are complete. My mallet is smarting, as you can see below. The tenons need to be completed, and the grooves for the panel finished, and then the lid itself should be about ready. More soon! For now, here are some images:

Snapped bolt (thankfully removed with EZ-Out extractor)

Tenon marked out on all sides and ready to be cut by hand against better judgement

"First class" saw cut scribed and chiseled to ensure square and straight shoulder for tenon

My mallet has been dished for a long time but after this mortising session, it is getting pretty severe

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