Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year, New Sale!

Don't worry, this blog is not slowly becoming a tool marketplace. In fact, this is the end of the sale, and by sale I do mean sale. Last chance to get the leftover items at 20% off.

There will indeed be more woodworking content when this is all wrapped up... lately the weather has been so cold that my uninsulated shop is just not a reasonable place to work.

And so here are the sale tools, how it works at the bottom:

Disston D42 "Victory" crosscut handsaw:

A wartime saw made of steel which sings nicely. 8 tpi, 26" length. This has a large "Victory" etching, perhaps hinting at the war effort, but it is faint and does not photograph well. There is a very minor bend (not kink) in the blade which could be addressed but the saw cuts well as is. A fine user saw, it will become a staple in your nest.
$100   $80

Japanese Marking Knives:

A set of steel Japanese marking knives. Single bevel, so one is for cutting on the left and the other on the right. Sharp and ready for work.
$45/pair $36/pair   SOLD THANK YOU!!

Record Compass Plane

A rare tool that not everyone needs, but when you do need it, there are not many other options. This is in great shape. Was purchased by Jim 20 years ago, and has his name etched on it, so you will always know who's it was. Add your name, too, just as was done on the old wooden planes.
$175  $140 SOLD THANK YOU!!

Emir #245 Wooden Smoothing Plane:

A great tool and a great price, especially with the original box and label intact.  Would be a good choice for someone wanting to get into green woodworking without worrying about rust on their steel planes.
$100 $80


Send me (rob dot campbell at gmail dot com) any questions you have about the items. Jim and I will work with you to answer to your satisfaction. Once you want an item, send me an email claiming your intent to purchase, and I will send you payment instructions. Cash, personal check, money order, and paypal are all acceptable. Shipping in the continental US is $12 for all items; some items will be more and some will be less but this is simplest for us. Pickup in Port Townsend, WA, will waive shipping charges. Items will be shipped upon receipt of payment. If an item is delisted but payment is not received, it will be relisted. All items are sold as-is so please ask any questions before purchase. That said, if you truly feel an item was misrepresented and you return it undamaged, we will be reasonable.

Prices are firm although you will likely receive a break on shipping for multiple items.

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