Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shop Update

I've been asked about the progress on the new shop space.  Its coming along... its a lot of work and I have to do it in too-small doses of time. However, it is starting to look like a habitable space to me!  I really should have taken more photos of it in its native state; an odd assortment of people had been living in it for years, leaving behind deep layers of filth, food packages, drug paraphernalia, moldy magazines, and all kinds of junk.  Its been 2 slow years in cleaning it out, ripping out the shoddy built-in countertops and plumbing, replacing the PVC pipes with Pex, derusting and painting the stove, and more that I am probably forgetting.  Now it has insulation, drywall, primer, paint, and a start on the floor.  I got one window trimmed, the perimeter of the floor cemented into place, and about 1/3 of the floor joists laid down.

Here's how its looking:

This is the corner where the workbench will ultimately be (best light).  It has a nice forest view, and a view of the driveway which is good for spotting visitors.

This shows the same corner, with the woodstove.  I wouldn't have put it there, but I'm not going to move it.

This shows the sink, which will be the sharpening area.  I keep the bench grinder in the adjacent room, but I don't think that will be a problem.  When I find a hand-powered grinder, it will go near the sink.  Not sure yet what kind of shelves or bench will go in this area. You can also see the shower in the small room to the right.  Everyone asks, "Is there a toilet?"

Of course there is!  I just need to mow a path to it...  Soon come!

Hopefully the next update will involve the floor being completed or nearly so.  Thanks for visiting!

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