Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bottomless Gratitude

I am truly humbled at what has happened regarding this project.  When I first read the suggestion in "the Joiner and Cabinet Maker" to go ahead and build the three projects in order to achieve a grasp of the basic skills required to continue with a vocation as a joiner, I agreed that I would.  I then, of course, stressed about how I could possibly put together a workshop based on my meager holdings.

I've wasted lots of money on "tool shaped objects" with little or no resale value, and honestly, the power tools I do have I will continue to use for the farm and house-based carpentry that I have to do on a daily basis.  I just can't sell my mitre-saw, I use it constantly for everything from chicken coops to bamboo gutters to slicing 4x4 posts into shop furniture.  I realize it is not a suitable tool for fine furniture, and that is where this project comes in.

Asking for help is not something I do lightly, and I labored long over the decision to launch the kickstarter campaign.  It was my ambition from the start to ask not for donations or handouts, but to take advance orders on real goods.  I am pleased to report that the vast bulk of my campaign was met not through the small thank-you gifts, but through actual sales of the project items.

I have a lot of work ahead of me, and this is truly invigorating.  It is one thing to work through a few projects that sound interesting, but quite another to have a long list of customers awaiting their pre-paid work.  I actually thrive under this kind of pressure.  I will not enter into shoddy or hasty work, but I will also be compelled to slog through the difficult bits for the sake of all of you, my collective Master.

I have some exciting updates coming up regarding the shop's completion and some other news, so stay tuned if you are a member of this project or merely interested in watching the show.

And again THANK YOU

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