Friday, March 14, 2014

Jim's Tool Sale will begin Sunday, Mar 16 at 2pm Pacific

In an attempt to keep it somewhat fair this time around, I am going to pre-announce the launch point of Jim's tool sale in advance. The sale will start Sunday, Mar 16 at 2pm Pacific. This should give folks all over a chance to be near a computer if they choose.

Here are a couple of the items which will show up:

- A Stanley 10 1/2 carriage maker's plane (wide rabbeting plane)
- An Independence Tool Works dovetail saw serial #178(the one Lie-Nielsen took their design from)
- one of Jim's handmade squares as seen in The New Traditional Woodworker
- some gently-used LN tools
- Bridge City layout tools

and more! It should be a good one, and this time you have had your warning if you want to be able to jump on any of the deals.

Thanks for your patience and continued interest.

NOTE: Inquiries about these tools received before the listing and prices go live will be ignored. 

rob and jim

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