Monday, September 9, 2013

Coming Soon: Autumn tool sale!

Just a heads up that soonish, hopefully within a month, I will be listing a large number of tools for sale. Some of these are mine, but mostly this will be on behalf of Jim Tolpin. He is getting serious about going minimal (and I am hoping to stay that way) but his loss can be your gain. Decades of well collected and restored tools. It is going to be a bit of a process to catalog and present them, and I am sure they will go fast. This might be a good time to subscribe to this blog in order to receive the heads up. I will formally announce the sale a few days ahead of time so that those without internet addiction will have a halfway fair chance of being present.

One thing I will go ahead an mention, is that I will be selling my Wenzloff and Sons tenon saw. It has a 4.5" depth of cut and is filed rip at 10 tpi. It is a marvelous saw, but after two years, it is just a bit too large for my small body and the work I do. It is a bit of a custom job, one of the last to go out in the last batches when Mike was still active. Based on the Kenyon Tenon, it has a slightly different tote detail, it has 3 nuts in the tote like the Disstons do, while his image of the Kenyon has only 2. It does have the deep lamb's tongue detail of the Kenyon. Images and more details coming soon, but I wanted to get a heads up out there.

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