Friday, December 14, 2012

Moving a Tool Chest?

Soon, my entire collection of traditional woodworking tools will be moving about 380 miles north.

This is part of what tool chests were originally intended for; to protect tools during transit. However, I have been told by a trusted toolmonger to make sure I protect everything with plenty of bubblewrap and other padding. I certainly don't like the idea of edge tools rubbing around, but at the same time most of them are held in place pretty well by the design of the chest. I feel that wrapping the most fragile items, adding some filler to the tills, and then bracing the tills in place should be enough. I don't want to overdo it, nor do I want to ruin a bunch of valuable tools. Christopher Schwarz claims it is just fine for steel to rub on steel and doesn't worry. I worry.

If you've moved tools in a chest, I would love to hear your approach and your experiences.

I'm still trying to decide which of my lumber is worth moving. Too bad I do not have more local readers who would be interested in such stuff.

In other news, one of my patch designs has turned into the latest Lost Art Press tshirt. The whole thing is pretty silly (and intentionally so) but I am glad to be part of this esoteric world in some tiny way.

More soon as the new shop comes together and my classes begin!


  1. When I moved mine, I just blocked the tills and let the movers take it away. I didn't worry about a thing and nothing was hurt. Of course, your mileage may vary.

  2. I would potentially wrap a few of my tools in fabric, or get some tool rolls for some of them. I'd also consider filling the spaces a bit with a blanket to keep things in their place, but a well organized tool chest is going to be fine.

    If you're doing the moving, you're probably good. If it is being handled by a moving crew, then maybe a little more care.

    What kind of lumber are you talking about? Want to drop it off in Seattle on your way by? :)


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