Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[Tool Chest] Shelled

Since yesterday was spent cutting 50-some tails, today was spent cutting pins.

And chopping pins.

And more pins.

And finally, a shell. They are not my finest dovtails, but I was impressed that all 52 joints went together the first time, and the shell is square! There will be a couple minor gaps to fill in before painting, and I am resigned to sanding the whole exterior since my wood is just too gnarly to plane well. The price was right though, and I believe it will be more than sufficiently sturdy. I glued the joints, but I don't think they needed it. This thing is heavy! The wood finished out at just over 7/8" thick. I won't be able to get back to it for a couple days, but soon: bottom and skirts/moulding/dust seal.


  1. Very nice. That's going to be a wicked sturdy box. Reminds me of the Shipwright's Boxes I've seen during a "misspent" youth on the waterfront. Keep in the know. (Great Blog BTW.)

  2. That was supposed to be "Keep US in the know." But I bet you knew that. ;)


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