Friday, April 6, 2012

Pasadena Bound

It is with great joy that I have confirmed my registration at Woodworking in America, Pasadena this October. While the Cincinnati event has some appealing speakers, I need to remain on my own coast. I am looking forward to Roy Underhill's First Annual Feast of the Ribald Society of Old Moxonians in particular. Anyone else thinking about going to this?


  1. We're still deciding if we are going to France this fall to visit family. If not, I'm seriously considering WIA in Pasadena. My brother lives in LA and a cousin in Pasadena, so there would be no problem on accomodations. I guess we have to decide rather quickly because registration sells out. They have a great lineup of speakers for the West show. The only one from the Midwest that isn't at the West show that I would really like to see is Curtis Buchanon. (if you haven't seen his online videos on building a windsor chair, they are terrific). Roy's event sounds fun, as does the Greene and Greene tour. Between those and all the tools at the marketplace, well, start saving now!


  2. breenbushdesign - I hope you can make it happen! Keep in touch and let me know if you end up down there. I did go ahead and grab a ticket for Roy's dinner; I have no idea when I will otherwise be able to make it out to his school and meet him, and this seems like the next best thing. His vast repertoire of lore and his delivery of it are at least as appealing as his woodworking technique!

  3. I'm registered. Still thinking about Roy's Dinner event - as well as the Gamble House dinner & tour.

  4. Too bad ya'll aren't coming to the Midwest. I'm very much hoping to be at the Cincinnati WIA this fall. Much, much closer to me. It'd be fun to meet some of you in person though. Also, you know you're from Ohio when you can actually spell Cincinnati correctly ;0)

  5. Gamble House tour with Brain Miller is great I just finnished his finnishing class at Cerritos

    1. cbats, it looks good... I will see if I can fit it in!


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