Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Apprentice

In The Joiner and Cabinet Maker, Thomas is about 14 years old in rural England.  Today I discovered a slightly older apprentice right here in Oregon:

"My name is Kelton Goold and im a junior in highschool in Pendleton Oregon. One of my greatest passions is woodworking and using hand tools. Ive been woodworking for about a year and have mostly built projects for my shop, but also some cabinet work. Over this summer I built my first bench using the roubo style design, needing more counter space I also built a nicholson style bench"

Check out Kelton's work at his blog.  I wish I would have started out on my own journey at his age...


  1. Hey, that’s me! I really appreciate the post; it means a lot, especially coming from a blog I check religiously for updates. Thanks

  2. Hats off to both of you, keep up the good work!

    I love that we're seeing these blogs more and more.

  3. Yeah, I had the same wish when I saw his blog!


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