Monday, October 17, 2011

This Post is About Woodworking

"There are no stars in the daytime," said Benny. 
"Yes," replied John, "there are as many stars in the daytime as there are in the night only we can't see them." 
"Oh John!" exclaimed Benny. He was quite surprised to hear John make so extraordinary an assertion. "Yes," continued John, "the stars stay in the sky all the daytime just as they do in the night, only we can't see them because the air is so bright." 
Here Benny gazed long and earnestly into the sky, but he could not detect the faintest semblance of a star and finally said that if there were any stars there he was very sure that he could see them.

--The Boy's Own Workshop; or, The Young Carpenters By Jacob Abbott, 1866

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