Thursday, August 30, 2012

[Workbench] Vise

The stretchers are all complete and believe me I am eager to put the base together. However, it is easier to do some operations on the legs while they are still loose; namely, the hole for the vise screw, the mortise for the parallel guide, and the holdfast holes. To properly place the hole for the vise screw, I first needed to build the chop.

Here it is roughed out:

That is 4 inches of cherry, and it was not easy to rip nor to shape. Why so thick when the usual is closer to 2 inches? It will become clear.

I also cut the mortise for the parallel guide, and built the guide:

This is made of some hard maple(?) I found on the streets of Portland in someone's trash pile. It is extremely dense and heavy. Not the most interesting grain patterns, but that is perfect for this task.

I've been having trouble finding oak straight enough for my drawbore pins to attach the guide, but I am not done sifting through my stash yet, either.

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