Monday, February 23, 2015

A Way to Make Curves

I wanted to shape the handle of the toolbox a little bit to make it more comfortable for a small hand After cutting a stick of walnut to length, I marked the center both horizontally and vertically. The vertical center would be the finished thickness and the peak of the arc on the bottom of the handle. I created the curve with a thin strip of wood, bent like a bow to connect the dots. Then I cut a series of vertical kerfs, just shy of the layout line. I should have set up my joinery bench but sometimes you have to live a little loose.

Flip it and make the cuts on the other side.

The cuts allow for very rapid chipping away and act as stops.

Although this walnut peels and pares beatifully, you can get very aggressive and take off almost the whole chunk if you drive the chisel hard enough.

Eventually with just the chisel you can get pretty close.

I did use spokeshaves to clean up a bit.

This is how I made the dowels which will hold the handle in place. Just a tiny stick with corners planed off using my miniature jointer.

The handle is just about done and ready to be installed.

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